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A controller driveable by a wide range of children

Controller programming

understanding what movement you want

One size fits all? A nice idea - but the world is not like that. Knowing that our powerchairs are driven by children and adults with a wide range of different abilities and disabilities we have designed our electronics in such a way that it is easily programmable for individual needs and circumstances. The standard parameters are:

  • High speed limit - set anywhere up to 8mph
  • Low top speed limit - set anywhere up to 4mph
  • Velocity or Torque control
  • Acceleration characteristics (from learning to 'sporty' character)
  • Half-speed and/or beeper in reverse
  • Steering characteristics
  • Rapid or smooth (inching control) elevator responses
  • Joystick deadband to eliminate involountary movements

And if anything changes it is simple enough to re-assess and reprogramme!

You might also need an adjustment or variation on our controls that is not part of our standard system. If this is the case, we would discuss it with you, and try to come up with a solution. We are a development team, conscious that individuals and their families have differing needs. We are keen to give people mobility and are always interested to learn how to do it better for you. Whatever your request, we will always try, even if the costs of development are not fully chargeable, or the project turns out to be more than is possible. Because unless you tell us what you need, you can't expect us to provide it!



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