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why compromising on full 3D movement restricts your mobility

The versatile dragonmobility powerbases can be configured to suit your lifestyle and preferences, giving you the kind of movement you need, in three dimensions. At dragonmobility, we see vertical movement as a necessity, and above all, we give you the opportunity to go right down to ground level, as well as near to a normal standing height. This will have different benefits for different people.

three heights of a Dragon

For 18 month old Katriona, just starting to toddle, it is a matter of exploration and experience. How else do you learn what it's like under the table? How else do you join in when Mum has friends round, and their children are playing with toys on the floor?

For Ben, attending playgroup for the first time, story-time is important, and sitting on the carpet with the others makes him just one of the class. But when they sit at the tables, he can get right in there, too.

At school, height begins to matter, and being able to rise above your friends has a great advantage in winning arguments!

Then teenage parties arrive, and slobbing around on the floor watching videos is the order of the day.

Going to college, or starting work, being able to change your height makes so many more things accessible. Less has to be adapted just for you, so it's easier to convince people you can do just as well as your peers.

Socialising, the extra height makes it much easier to catch the barman's eye. On the dance floor there may be other eyes you want to catch, and you won't get buried in the crowd.

And at home, with your family and friends, it is just nice to be able to give someone a hug at their level.

All in all, it just helps you get the most out of life.



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