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Amelie with an ice-cream

" . . . you should see her now!!! "

I just felt the need to THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO much!!! Firstly for the contact for Whizz Kids Training - we only went for one day but it did Amelie the WORLD of good and secondly, and more importantly really, for making the SnapDragon in the first place!!!

We had a rocky start I feared it had completely put her off - but you should see her now!!! It's unbelievable - we have taken off the attendant controls and she's flying solo and doing incredibly well!! She now goes to and from school and her driving has improved no end!! It was 'bin' day today and I was a bit concerned as people tend to leave them in the middle of the pavements - but no - she managed SO well, weaving in and out of bins and inconsiderate people who park their cars on half the pavement (they are just asking for a scratch!!).

We went to the park on Saturday and I was just in tears (of joy) seeing her 'run away' from me and whizzing round after Abby who was on her bike - it was the most AMAZING feeling ever!!

  . . . two months later

We are still loving the snappy - it has been completely embraced by Amelie - now she's a bit older and has the understanding that it's there to help her - she's off! She had to go to Leeds to have her jejunostomy button changed yesterday, pink snappy came as it's a long trek to the children's outpatients from the car park! She was off, whizzing down the corridors - making herself higher so she could press all the lift buttons and pay the lady at the shop for her chocolate buttons it was great! She even realised that in the waiting room she could just stay in her chair, lower herself down and tuck herself up to the table so she could so a jigsaw - all the staff were amazed at how well she manouvered herself!!

It's saving me lots of pennies in petrol as we don't have to drive to school anymore - I just have to chase after her every day (so good for my fitness too!!!) and it wows the teachers at how well she parks up in her little spot outside the classroom!!

Anne Gledhill, 2012
(Amelie's mum)



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